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12/09/2018Beau & Margaret Wolter 2nd Sunday Advent reading - Beau and Margaret Wolter
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12/09/2018Dayna Bowden A Praise Report from Dayna Bowden

Be blessed as Dayna shares an encouraging testimony about her husband, Greg, who has had colin cancer.
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12/09/2018Teen Challenge - various Teen Challenge Women's Ministry
If you weren't here this morning, you missed a very special time in the ministry of the Teen Challenge women. They had a very potent message, and ministered to those present in a remarkable way. Two of the girls shared their personal testimonials. One of them, named Jamie, shared from the Book of Isaiah, ch 58:10,11. The other testimonial was shared by Lauren. This was a very powerful ministry, which also shared from the Word of God and with music. So, if you weren't there, here is your opportunity to be blessed from this ministry. ps. even if you were there, you might want to listen again, and invite a friend to listen in as well!
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12/09/2018LHF Singers Build Your Church Here
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12/05/2018Gonzalo Navarro Hezekiah's Prayer and God's Faithfulness
Wednesday evening 2 Kings ch 18-20
Tonight's special speaker, "Gonzi" teaches about Judah's King Hezekiah, and how he sought God in an extremely hopeless situation. The Assarian army had a huge army on their way to attack the people of Judah. However, as we read in Hezekiah's prayer in 2 Kings 19. Read the entire episode in 2 Kings ch. 18-20. Gonzi mentions that we can be 'peacemaker's of peacekeepers.' Let's not wait until our situation looks hopeless before we seek God, but we should seek Him daily, developing a close relationship with our Father.
Download Wed_12_5_18_Hezekiah_King_of_Judah_Gonzalo_Navarro.MP3
12/02/2018LHF Choir Even So, Come
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