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07/23/2017Pastor Ken Lichter Living Our Life for the Lord - Part 2
Sunday Hebrews ch 11:23-27
Pastor Ken continues his message subject from the previous week regarding the basics of life. Entitled, ' Deciding Life's Key Issues': 1. I must define my identity 2. I must accept my responsibility 3. I must determine my priorities 4. I must choose my authority Pastor Ken tells us that 'Nobody can ruin your life but you. You are as close to God as you choose to be.' And, ' Your values are determined by your vision". Additional Scriptures referenced: Luke 12:15-20; Romans 10:12; Matthew 6:24; Psalm 139
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07/19/2017Reetha VanAuken The Belt of Truth
Wednesday evening Ephesians 6:14
Bible teacher Reetha continues study of the armor of God as described in Eph.. chapter 6. Teaching and discussion centers of the spititual meaning and purpose of the belt of truth. additional scripture references used: Genesis 2:16;3:1-6; John 14:6; and Heb. 13:8 'Truth doesn't change, move, or bend."
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07/16/2017Pastor Ken Lichter Living Our Life for the Lord - Part 1
Sunday Ephesians 6:10
Pastor Ken focuses today on building confidence, and shares Four Keys in Developing Confidence: 1. Let go of Doubt -- James 1:6 2 Cor. 10:12 2. Look for God's Promises -- Joshua 23:14 3. Lean on the Lord -- Prov. 3:5,6 4. Launch Out in Faith (Just go for it!) Joshua ch.3 Listen to this inspiring message and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ! Read Joshua ch. 1:1-11
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07/12/2017Reetha VanAuken Standing Firm in Christ
Wednesday evening Ephesians ch 6:10-17
Inspired teacher, Reetha VanAucken, continues to use Ephesians ch 6 as a springboard to a deeper understanding for the child of God to STAND FIRM and continually put on the FULL armor of God. Other references include: 2 Tim. 2:1; Zech. 13:3-9; 1 John5:5; Exodus ch 17
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07/09/2017Pastor Ken Lichter Overcoming Evil Through the Indwelling Holy Spirit
Sunday 2 Peter 1:3
"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." However, Pastor Ken tells us that sadly, many Christians today live in ignorance of the power of the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus can solve all the problems of today. John 14:9; 1 Thess. 1:5,6; Rev. 13:7
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07/05/2017Reetha VanAuken How can we be strong in the armor of God?
Wednesday evening Ephesians 6:10-17
Bible teacher Reetha discusses what we need to do in order to be strong in the Lord's mighty power. What does it mean to put on the full armor of God? Listen in to this discussion and discover the answers. Pre-read Amos 4:13
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